Friday, November 23, 2007

Glazed and Confused

I found a $20 bill on the ground the other morning. I was coming out of a donut shop and there it was, folded in half on the ground. I picked it up and walked back into the donut shop to pay for my donuts. About 50 seconds earlier I was searching through my pockets for some cash as the donut shop didn't take ATM cards. The lady behind the counter told me I could pay her next time. As I handed her the 20, she said "Oh, you found some money, huh?" I said, "Yes, I did" but didn't elaborate on how literally accurate she was.

If I believed in a sentient higher being, I'd offer up this incident as proof of his/her existence. Since I don't; or rather, I can't be sure one way or another and tend to favor a more rational view of existence, I offer up this incident as an interesting little anecdote that, since effect does not prove causation, says nothing of God, but does make good blog fodder.

Also, that maple bar was fucking delicious.

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