Monday, February 4, 2008


This guy is doing some amazing work with an open-source program called Processing. I know nothing about it, but damn, his stuff is gorgeous. Visual music. Check out his latest:

Solar, with lyrics. from flight404 on Vimeo.

From his explanation, it seems that he got the program to respond to the music and lyrics. Smart people doing smart things. Click the "Solar, with lyrics" link right below the player for the HD version, which is really spectacular.


Cilicious said...

Very cool, as is Vimeo. And Nervo.
The Processing clip that actually intrigued me the most was the bird flocking thing. "Flap cycle images."

mmw said...

Fuck you JV, you need to email me. It's an emergency.

LOD said...

JV, you old dog. Good to see you've sort of resurfaced maybe.